Gogo customer and “superb” VoIP speedtest

I just received the following e-mail from a friend, who is using Aircell’s Gogo connectivity service in the sky right now. The Vonage speedtest says a lot (check out part of a screen grab below). I gotta ask, however: What’s up with the steep discounts already?

sending live from AA Flt 34 LAX-JFK – Gogo is great – $12.95 (less a 25% promo coupon) – and VERY respectable speed.  Don’t know if you’re written it up yet but VERY pleased. I’m streaming WQXR and it sounds fine….VoIP is verboten yet – but I tried a test and it’s pretty choppy – they’re probably doing that intentionally for now since the bandwidth is good enough for it to work.


Vonage via Gogo.JPG


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3 Responses to Gogo customer and “superb” VoIP speedtest

  1. Steve November 10, 2008 at 3:33 pm #

    If you know Vonage, you know this is just enough to get yourself a lousy garbled connection. No shame in trying, but the reason Aircell don’t promote VoIP is that it JUST CAN”T WORK well enough at present. When it does work, expect a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about how customers have spoken and they are give passengers what they want.

  2. Mary Kirby November 10, 2008 at 3:41 pm #

    I must confess I’ve never used Vonage but I’ve heard plenty of horror stories (including from my own brother, who switched to Vonage and promptly switched back to a landline). I’m curious, though. You say Aircell doesn’t promote VoIP because the actual Vonage service doesn’t work well enough at present. However, American and other airlines have been pretty explicit that they don’t intend to offer passengers VoIP due to fears of too much in-flight chatter (resulting in upset passengers). I’ve never really bought this excuse. But I’m in the bring-mobile-phone-connectivity-inflight camp (now if only the FCC and FAA would see it my way).

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