Panasonic to open Shanghai office (new Chinese customer?)

Remember when Charles Ogilvie announced this summer that he was leaving Virgin America to head up former employer Panasonic’s in-flight entertainment and new airborne technology platforms in China?

Shanghai.jpgOgilvie’s new position was a little foreshadowing of things to come. On 17 December Panasonic will celebrate the grand opening of its new Shanghai office. A snazzy press event will be held at the Westin Bund Center Shanghai.

“This first ever special event in China will bring together top airline executives, executives from studios, Shanghai Government officials, Panasonic executives, and more than 20 media correspondents and crew,” says Panasonic in an invite.

But will it also be a platform for Panasonic to announce a launch customer for its portfolio of airborne broadband data communications, mobile phone services and live television?

As I recently reported in Flight, the IFE hardware giant is in advanced talks with a carrier, which “wants a full global suite of services” including Panasonic’s eXConnect high-speed connectivity solution, its eXPhone offering that supports AeroMobile’s mobile phone service and eXTV television with “global coverage of those services”.

Panasonic isn’t saying anything more than the invite. But who knows. Maybe the gaggle of airline executives, studio executives, Shanghai Government officials, media correspondents and Panasonic executives will get chatty at the cocktail reception. And if I’m not there for it, maybe someone would be ever so kind as to send me the press release directly. Please and Thank You.

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