Why a Runway Girl is planting her pale bum in the seat

You may notice a few changes on this blog in the coming weeks. I’ve decided to place all of my blogging energies into exploring the latest and greatest innovations in in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C) and cabin interiors; as well as new programmes and applications for tech-savvy, gizmo-laden travellers.

By the very nature of our tricked-out world, this arena has become so exciting that it deserves a little spot on the web all its own. My goal is to make Runway Girl a go-to place for news and info about these subjects (I think we’re well on our way already). But if you see or hear of something interesting – be it new in-flight bells and whistles, IFE&C trials, tribulations and successes or mobile phone advancements targeted at passengers – please don’t hesitate to contact me at mary.kirby@flightglobal.com

To all the folks who have turned to Runway Girl for regional aircraft programme updates and bizarre airline stories (employee urine tests, anyone?), I thank you for your comments and insight over the last year. I continue to cover Bombardier and Embraer’s commercial programmes and US airlines as a senior editor for Flight International magazine as well as for its premium subscription-based news service Air Transport Intelligence. So let’s keep up the discourse via email!

Now back to the in-flight world. It has come a long way (but still has miles to go before we econo passengers can sleep). Nonetheless, it seems that Runway Girls have always been welcome here. Check out the following video from 1940. Call it what you may (a precursor to the Ryanair calendar girl shoot?) but the narrator isn’t off the mark when he says: “Mary had a little limb as white, as white as snow.” Now where is my tanning cream?

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