So trashy – a canny compactor that makes it all go away

Toilet sign.JPG

It goes without saying that economy-class lavs on most commercial aircraft are not even remotely inviting (unless, perhaps, you’re using the plug socket as a free power source). How many times have you squeezed into that too-tight compartment only to have your senses bombarded with sights, smells and sounds of significant offence?

Lufthansa Technik tackles at least one of these problems with its new trash compactor. The mechanical device is a conversion kit that can be attached to any bin in an aircraft. With it, overflowing trash cans full of towels and other undesirables become a thing of the past. The flight attendant need only pull the lever and the trash is compacted. 

The system is currently being trialled at the moment. “There is an airline out there trialling the product,” revealed Lufthansa Technik director innovation engineering Andrew Muirhead during our interview yesterday. Here’s a look see…


Let the undisclosed airline come forward and take its due praise and glory. And now let’s tackle the smell issue. Any new ideas?


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