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Is Qest ready to rumble?

If ViaSat’s relentless objections to Row 44′s antenna-pointing has done anything it has held antenna makers’ feet to the fire in terms of meeting performance criteria. That means that ViaSat will need to show FCC regulators that it can meet its own expectations, which are high, very high. But it also means that new entrants now […]

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VIDEO: Seaplanes, St Croix and hot sauce!

I had the very good fortune to travel to St Croix last week to visit Seaborne Airlines, a gutsy operator keeping a seaplane dream alive despite some pretty challenging conditions. Challenging, but gorgeous, right? (Pic taken by Seaborne pilot and damn good photog Chris Boziel). While there, I had a great chat with Seaborne president and CEO […]

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No comment!

Good gracious, is it me or is the world of IFE&C continuing to hot up out there? I’m not talking about the OnAir eye candy below, cheeky monkey! Here are a few updates smouldering on the burner. Royal Jordanian Airlines has launched OnAir’s on-board mobile phone service on an Airbus A319, enabling passengers to make […]

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Podcast: Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi gets passengers’ thumbs up

Industry consultant and entrepreneur extraordinaire Addison Schonland put Row 44′s Ku-band-based broadband service through its paces today on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 equipped with the system.   Addison says his Wi-Fi-enabled blackberry found the network signal very easily, but when he went through the browser to log on to the system, he ran into a bit of […]

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US Airways reverses beverage charges!!!

Hell hath not frozen over folks. US Airways is indeed resuming a free beverage service on its domestic flights. I wonder how many negative news articles, passenger complaints and cries of thirst management had to hear about before deciding to cease charging passengers for the bare necessities of life, like water. But whatever the catalyst, US Airways […]

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In the name of Internet safety, Big Brother steps forward…

It’s difficult to argue against legislation that is billed as a means of protecting children. As a mother, there is nothing more frightening and repugnant than the knowledge that child predators are lurking about, including on the Internet. So when Republicans last week proposed The Internet Safety Act in the House and Senate to reign […]

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PHOTOS: Ryanair’s O’Leary does the mobile phone Can-Can

The celebration was fierce yesterday when spunky Irish operator Ryanair finally launched mobile phone connectivity following several delays. Dressed as a mobile phone, Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary joined OnAir’s head honcho Benoit Debain in a bit of a a Can-Can dance. And why the hell not? A total 20 Ryanair Boeing 737s have been equipped with the system and the […]

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227 entertainment options on US Airways A320!

I just stepped off a US Airways Boeing 757 that has seen better days. Grotty is the best and only way to describe the interior of the aircraft that flew me from Philadelphia to St Thomas. And I was in first class! (Note to potentially confused colleagues who wonder where the bank came from – […]

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VIDEO: Of course we can sleep together!

Sleeper beds for economy class. It’s a titillating concept, but is it realistic or outrageously idealistic? We’ve talked about it here. Now I ask the inventor of the Air Sleeper to convince me and you to embrace a paradigm shift in the way we think about travel. Are you ready to embrace? I am.

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Flight staffers report on the first fatal accident of a Q400

This morning’s horrific tragedy in Buffalo is deservedly occupying the attentions of many Flight editorial staffers right now. I’ve pushed out a couple initial pieces about the Colgan Q400 crash for ATI and Flight, as has safety specialist David Kaminski-Morrow. Here are some key facts from Bombardier this morning: 1) The accident aircraft was delivered in […]

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