Podcast: Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi gets passengers’ thumbs up

Addison Schonland.jpgIndustry consultant and entrepreneur extraordinaire Addison Schonland put Row 44′s Ku-band-based broadband service through its paces today on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 equipped with the system.


Addison says his Wi-Fi-enabled blackberry found the network signal very easily, but when he went through the browser to log on to the system, he ran into a bit of difficulty. 


“Clearly with a small keyboard that was not an easy thing to do” and “in fact the blackberry froze and I actually had to shut it down and restart it and once I restarted the device, it picked up the network right away”, he says.


Addison picked up 11 emails “in no time at all”. Yet, his attempt to send two outgoing emails was not a success.


I just spoke to Addison on the phone and he felt his Row 44 experience was largely positive. He has some words of advice, however. Listen to his entire podcast at the following link:




Addison’s comments and those of the other passengers interviewed during the flight mirrors the sentiments being tweeted and re-tweeted across the nation. Southwest passengers, it seems, enjoy their Wi-Fi. But how much are they willing to pay for it? 




testing Southwest’s in-flight wifi. Pretty nice. Great speeds. Free….for now


Wifi on my southwest flight=awesome, 3meg dwnload speed only 144kb upload, its unsecure & works on [...]


788 Kbps down, 144 up on my Southwest flight wi-fi. Not terrible


on the internet.. on an airplane. Did you know southwest has free wi-fi? trippy.


Using Southwest free wi-fi at 30,000 ft. Hoping their trial run becomes permanent


chatting with my bro who is on a SWA flight. That’s right baby, inflight WiFi. he is streaming ESPN video too!


Is using twitter via his wifi connection on his flight to Chicago. Just another reason Southwest rocks my[...]


on Southwest flight.. wifi a bit slow up in the air.


is twittering from 10,000 feet up thanks to Southwest’s free WiFi. I don’t think thats what they meant [...]


Tweeting from a southwest flight, free wifi on some flights – AMAZING   


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  1. Nate February 23, 2009 at 11:47 pm #

    Thanks for the link RWG! Great to hear directly from passengers using the service.

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