Southwest: Row 44 is closing in on permanent authority

If you’ve been reading this blog, it comes as no surprise that Row 44 is closing in on permanent FCC authority.

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As reported here, the FCC recently granted Row 44 special temporary authority (STA) to operate up to twelve Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service aircraft earth stations for testing, including in-flight testing.

Now Southwest has confirmed that Row 44 is headed for the prize.

A Southwest spokeswoman notes on the carrier’s blog that Row 44 is entering the final stages of securing permanent FCC licensing “which is obviously important for Southwest Airlines”.

She adds: “We’re excited about the possibility of offering Wi-Fi for our Customers and will continue to survey those using the service through the spring.”

Southwest is currently trialling Row 44 on four Boeing 737s. Alaska is also trialling the system. Fleet-wide installations are the aim, which is bloody great news for today’s tech-savvy traveller.

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