US Airways enjoys some positive feedback from IFE trial

My trusted colleague Lori Ranson flew out to Phoenix this week to attend US Airways’ annual media day. She reports back with a little update about the Lumexis fibre-to-the-screen system, which is being trialled on a single US Airways Airbus A320.

Hey Mary,

Just wanted to give you this nib before it gets lost in the ether of my brain.

These are US Airways SVP planning and alliances Andrew Nocella’s comments on Lumexis

Feedback’s been overwhelmingly positive.

There were a few technical glitches that needed to be worked out.

Flight attendants say it is easy to manage.

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Lori says US Airways didn’t have any usage stats available yet. 

Needless to say, it is tremendously encouraging that folks are pleased with the offering, which was recently reviewed by Cranky Flier.

With that said, however, anything is better than nothing, which is what you get when you fly the rest of US Airways’ domestic fleet.

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