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Podcast: Should IFE&C industry players start to worry?

IFE&C consultant Michael Planey had a grand chat with fellow industry oracle Addison Schonland, and let’s just say Planey is concerned for the industry. With spending down on travel and carriers slashing capacity, we can expect “a direct correlation” to in-flight offerings. There is lots more to digest here, of course. Check it out at:

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IFE&C twitter extravaganza from WAEA in Kuala Lumpur

Interiors specialist Jon Norris, who twitters under the identity NonnyJorris, is at the WAEA technical meeting in Kuala Lumpur and he’s pushing out newsy tweets at every opportunity. Here are some of the big headlines being twittered by Jon at the event (and how about that ATG, L-band, Ku/Ka-band partnered service being proposed by ViaSat?) […]

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Boeing’s new 737 interior is a study in limitations

Boeing has announced a new interior for the 737NG family and in so doing the airframer has reminded us that, aside from cosmetic changes, few things are being done to alter the way we fly in commercial narrowbody aircraft. As reported by Flight’s Jon Ostrower, FlyDubai will be the launch customer for the so-called 737 […]

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JetBlue to offer Oasis to passengers

My colleague Megan Kuhn, proprietor of the Terminal Q blog, has just written an interesting story for Air Transport Intelligence that I want to share with you. She writes that JetBlue intends to offer subsidiary LiveTV’s “broadband-like” in-flight connectivity offering, Oasis, to passengers. We’ve talked about Oasis’ cached content before. But it’s nice to see […]

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A little more Ka, okay?

LiveTV is not the only firm taking a serious look at the Ka-band satellite space. ViaSat, which is currently working with T-Mobile and others to bring a Ku-band-based in-flight connectivity service back to Lufthansa, is also keeping its fingers in the Ka pot. Indeed, ViaSat is taking some significant initiative on this front, with plans […]

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Podcast: Runway Girl is an Airplane Geek, and loves it

If someone had taken me aside in college and told me that someday I’d be an airplane geek, I’d have said they were daft, and had another swig of MGD. But now I embrace my geekdom wholeheartedly. To wit, I recently participated in an Airplane Geeks podcast, and loved it!!! Cuba travel, United’s missteps, over-weight passengers, […]

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LiveTV now sees Ka-band as the connectivity playground

LiveTV remains on the fence about whether Ku-band-based in-flight connectivity is going to take hold. Indeed, the JetBlue Airways subsidiary is now looking at Ka-band and believes that “this network will finally deliver the cost and speed that is sustainable for a broadband service in the future”, reveals LiveTV VP of marketing and sales Mike […]

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US Airways says IFE “on hold” due to financing difficulties

Say it ain’t so! US Airways today warned employees that IFE is “on hold” until it can raise the financing to support installations. That is NOT good news for Lumexis. Oh heck, here is US Airways’ exact words: The Lumexis trial has gone mostly well but that trial will be coming to an end soon. […]

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VIDEO: Fat and happy in the back of the aircraft bus

My little blog about airlines charging fat passengers for an extra seat evoked a nice response so here is my solution for keeping passengers – big and small – happy in economy class.

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Row 44 CEO John Guidon in his own words

John Guidon, CEO and co-founder of Row 44, has written a short op-ed arguing the case for airlines to install a high-bandwidth solution for in-flight connectivity - even if that bandwidth is more than their current model requires. John’s argument is that the growing demand for bandwidth-hungry services (live international TV, terrestrial-speed web browsing, downloadable audio […]

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