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Swiss won’t get connected yet…

I’m at Zurich International awaiting a flight, so I only have a few minutes to post this. A Swiss executive told me this week that the carrier does not intend to bring high-speed connectivity to passengers until it can offer the service to ALL passengers. The current satellite-based offerings on the table, he says, would only […]

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AirTran passengers call for HDTV, as LTV3 launches

Continental Airlines has quietly started offering passengers LiveTV’s newest live television service LTV3 on a single Boeing 737. So why didn’t the airline do a big press splash? Other than obvious competitive reasons (I mean, come on, this is going to be the most kick-ass live TV offering in the skies), I’m not quite certain. […]

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Why SwiftBroadband is taking longer for widebody operators

SwiftBroadband-supported in-flight connectivity services are now alive and well on commercial narrowbody aircraft (as well as bizjets), so why is it taking longer to bring this higher bandwidth service to widebodies? That’s the question I recently posed to Inmarsat (foolishly thinking that the explanation would be a simple one). Here is company head of marketing […]

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Two consumer groups try to put brakes on “Hang-Up Act”

Two consumer advocacy groups have asked Congress to commission a study on the use of wireless communications devices on US commercial flights before outlawing the in-flight use of mobile phones for voice calls and other wireless telephony. A study? A little bit of homework before making a permanent, broad-brush federal ban on in-flight mobile phone […]

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Are fat passengers the only ones who should worry?

United Airlines has become the latest US domestic carrier to require obese passengers who are bumped from full flights to pay for two seats on a subsequent flight or accept a refund. The news is getting big headlines, pardon the pun, but what should garner equal attention is the fact that economy-class seating is not […]

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VIDEO: Watch Runway Girl’s videos on your cell phone

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and so I hope my colleague Rob Coppinger, proprietor of the fantastic Hyperbola blog, doesn’t object to my copy-cat blog about how readers can access Runway Girl’s videos on the YouTube channel RunwayGirlMaryKirby. Check out the video below, and then scroll down for some of my blog’s most popular vlogs thus far (I […]

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Alaska to equip fleet with in-flight Internet by end of 2010

Alaska Airlines plans to equip its entire fleet with Row 44′s satellite-based in-flight connectivity system by the end of next year. Wi-Fi service is currently available onboard one Alaska Boeing 737 aircraft. But additional aircraft will be equipped in the coming months. An Alaska spokeswoman tells Runway Girl: “They are planning to roll out commercial […]

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American Airlines gives coach passengers laptop power

If there were any lingering doubts about American Airlines’ commitment to bringing connectivity to the in-flight masses, they were put to rest yesterday when the carrier announced it is offering AC power outlets in every row of the first- and economy-class cabins of its new 160-seat Boeing 737-800s. It’s a very sensible move since American is […]

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Will Emirates defer A380 and 777 deliveries in ’09 and ’10?

Speculation is rife that a deferral of both models by Emirates could occur, noted the Air Cargo Management Group (ACMG) at its recent workshop in Seattle. Exact quote: “It is speculated that Emirates may defer its A380 and 777 deliveries in 2009 and 2010.” ACMG’s workshop notes, a copy of which was obtained by Runway […]

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Airbus A350 – suitable for tomorrow’s extra-wide passengers

I’d like to highlight one final video to come out of the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. In the following clip, Airbus aircraft interiors marketing manager, customer affairs Christophe Cossart shows Flight’s Barbara Cockburn a new cutaway 1:120 scale model of its A350 extra-wide body (XWB). The cutaway model highlights potential interior designs and […]

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