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VIDEO: The joys of Virgin America’s fleet-wide Wi-Fi

Wilco Films, a commercial film production house based in the San Francisco Bay Area, has just produced an excellent video on the joys of Wi-Fi on Virgin America, which has become the first carrier to offer the service across its fleet (okay, Virgin America’s Airbus A320 fleet ain’t huge, but the carrier’s dedication to delivering a killer […]

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Flight to launch dedicated IFE&C channel on 1 June!!!

This Monday, 1 June, Flight Global will formally recognize the massive impact that in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C) is having on the aviation industry when it launches a dedicated IFE&C channel on its web site. The channel will showcase all the latest news about the IFE&C community – and if you’ve been following this blog […]

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Road warrior to JetBlue: Stop teasing us with “lame” Wi-Fi

It was bound to happen – a road warrior and blogger tries out JetBlue’s free but limited in-flight email and messaging service, writes about its limitations, and then tells the carrier plainly to offer a proper Wi-Fi service. In a “memo to JetBlue”, The VAR Guy says: “Um, there’s only one thing worse than no […]

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Connexion by Boeing’s former king marketer uncensored

David Friedman used to be the king marketer at Boeing’s now-defunct satellite-based connectivity service Connexion. As VP, marketing and direct sales Friedman was responsible for product management, service evolution, pricing, distribution, sales, and promotional activities. Through his efforts, nearly 500,000 customers had the opportunity to use Connexion’s service in the first two years of operation […]

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Will you pay for in-flight Internet in two years?

Across the USA, people are excited about in-flight Wi-Fi (rightly so, it is fantastic), and they genuinely appear willing to pay the price for using it. But will passengers always be willing to pay for the pleasure? The New York Times, in its brilliant 10 May article “The Price of Staying Connected”, points out that […]

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House passes in-flight cell phone ban; Senate takes a crack

The US House of Representatives has passed FAA reauthorization legislation that includes an amendment to formally ban the in-flight use of wireless devices for voice communications in the USA. In short, they don’t want you to gab away on your cell phone and piss people off. Now I’m all for reauthorizing the FAA. Bloody hell, lawmakers have […]

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VIDEOS: Inside the Mitsubishi Regional Jet mock-up

My colleague and good friend, ATI US editor Lori Ranson, was in Salt Lake City this week to attend the annual Regional Airline Association (RAA) conference and exhibition. Lori, who Twitters under @Ransonnote – and has broken a ton of stories from RAA this week, such as this gem from yesterday – was kind enough to act […]

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VIDEO: Runway Girl Takes Canadian Adventure to Bombardier

The last week and a half has been an exercise in self control for me. I’ve tried to pace out all the wonderful news I scored from Bombardier on my visit to the airframer’s Montreal and Toronto plants. But you didn’t think I’d leave those kind Canadian folks without taking some video did you? Check out […]

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Bombardier sees “good chance” of wireless IFE on CSeries

Bombardier has hinted at it before – that wireless IFE might find a place on the CSeries. But the company now believes there is “a good chance” that by the time its CSeries mainline airliner enters service in 2013, a wireless IFE offering may be viable. The Canadian airframer tells RWG: “As we watch technology […]

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How Aircell plans to keep pace with all that Gogo demand

Aircell’s domination of in-flight Internet in the United States is nothing short of staggering. To date, the company has secured fleet-wide equipage deals with Delta Air Lines (and its Northwest Airlines merger partner), AirTran Airways and Virgin America, as well as hefty agreements with American Airlines and Air Canada, and a forthcoming trial on United […]

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