Exclusive: Inside Iraq’s new CRJ900 NextGen aircraft

Two more Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen regional jets are being readied for delivery to the Iraqi Government.

The airframer last year delivered the first of 10 CRJ900 NextGen aircraft destined for the country, amidst a flurry of controversy.

As reported last year by Flight’s David Kaminski-Morrow, Kuwait Airways threatened to impound new aircraft ordered for Iraq and, in late August 2008, obtained a seizure order against the aircraft in a move to secure compensation from Iraqi Airways and the Iraqi Government for destruction of its fleet in the 1990-91 Gulf conflict.

But Quebec Superior Court judge Paul Chaput lifted the seizure order on 1 October in respect of the Iraqi Government after it claimed state immunity – although this does not similarly extend to Iraqi Airways.

Bombardier is optimistic that everything is going to be worked out within 30 days to ensure continued delivery of CRJ900 NextGen aircraft to the country. It stresses that Bombardier’s agreement has always been with the Iraqi Government.

Okay, so what should passengers expect to find when they enter an Iraqi CRJ900 NextGen? How about a two-class configuration, extra-comfortable leather seats, hot meals and wood-type flooring in the bathroom! Well, see for yourself. I boarded the aircraft last week at Bombardier’s Mirabel plant.

Bombardier Entire Trip 137.jpg

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Bombardier Entire Trip 144.jpg


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