Flight to launch dedicated IFE&C channel on 1 June!!!

This Monday, 1 June, Flight Global will formally recognize the massive impact that in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C) is having on the aviation industry when it launches a dedicated IFE&C channel on its web site.

runway 2.JPG

The channel will showcase all the latest news about the IFE&C community – and if you’ve been following this blog you know there is a ton of news to report.

Additionally, the Runway Girl blog – and its companion, the Runway Girl video blog – will feature prominently on the IFE&C channel. You’ll also find an archive of all Flight’s recent top IFE&C features.

Okay, here’s a sneak peak (note – we still have a few tweaks to make)

We hope that Flight Global will become your destination of choice for IFE&C news and views (and I’ll work my tail off to try and make that happen).

Speaking of working one’s tail, ahem, if you’ve got a tale to tell about the IFE&C community – or just want to chat about a particular experience with IFE&C – don’t hesitate to contact me at mary.kirby@flightglobal.com or send me a Tweet at @RunwayGirl or befriend me on Facebook, where I’m still known as Mary Kirby by friends and family.

I can also be found on YouTube under the channel RunwayGirlMaryKirby and on FriendFeed, and…..oh my God, I believe a drink is in order. Happy Friday.

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