Podcast: Is your money on Wi-Fi for AirTran Airways?

With Saturday’s hot Kentucky Derby action still fresh in our minds, some industry talking heads are ready to place bets on what new in-flight service will ultimately be chosen by AirTran Airways through its EveryFlight campaign.

Take IAG’s Addison Schonland, who is willing to put money on AirTran getting in-flight Wi-Fi after chatting with the carrier’s VP of PR Christopher White. Indeed, Wi-Fi seems to have vastly more favourable odds than Mine That Bird did at the Derby (since several US legacy and low-cost carriers are already progressing with equipage). Then again, we’re always open to surprises. AirTran will reveal its decision on 12 May.

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Meanwhile, if you need a reason to waste some time, check out AirTran stooges in action.

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