Continental reveals LiveTV equipage figures

Well, well, well. Finally! Continental Airlines is getting a little more public about its equipage of LiveTV’s LTV3 product and why the heck not? The carrier is kicking things up a serious notch with this 80-channel system. So what if it is being provided by a JetBlue subidiary and is better than the system in place on JetBlue’s aircraft? JetBlue and Continental are able to roll like that. It says something about JetBlue’s confidence in its own excellent product.

Continental reveals that some 10 Boeing 737-900ERs have been equipped to date. This link will take you to the carrier’s web page on the matter, and check out the graph below.

We’re still in the dark about Continental’s connectivity plans, although one commenter to this blog seems to think Continental is going with Aircell’s Gogo solution (which would make lots of sense). Aircell is not commenting and Continental could not be immediately reached for comment.

CO equipage.JPG



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