Two IFE links and a little something something on US Air

Jaunted, the “pop culture travel guide”, has posted a 2009 airline in-flight entertainment (IFE) chart (about US carriers) and written a nice accompanying piece that spells out who is doing what in more detail.

There are no big surprises here – although I don’t know why United Airlines is listed as offering Wi-Fi from 2010 in the chart (for the record, the carrier has said it will trial Aircell’s Gogo product on its transcon 757s this spring, errr, so it has a few more weeks to meet that goal).

I find Jaunted’s breakdown of US Airways’ offering – or, rather, non-offering – to be most telling. Key par:

US Airways

Internet: You’re kidding, right?

TV: Mainscreen movies on transatlantic and Hawaii flights.

Music: Plug into 10 channels–woo, passengers get some entertainment at least!

Games: Pack a word search book.

Bottom Line: If you enjoyed flying in the 1980s you will enjoy US Air’s skimpy IFE, otherwise, BYOIFE. Oh, there is one new twist, tray table advertising! Yeah.

US Air 008.jpgNot that I want to give US Air any type of pass here – because, by and large, its in-flight service is of the low-grade variety – but the carrier did offer in-seat AVOD on the A330 I flew from Philly to Paris and back last week.

Yes, it was a legacy Rockwell Collins system, but it was entertainment and damn if it doesn’t make all the difference.

Also, the food wasn’t half bad. In fact, it was rather good (shock!)

I visited LSG Sky Chefs in Hamburg about 11 years ago (holy God, where does the time go?) and that company still knows how to make a decent meal, even for us US Air economy-class passengers. Here’s what I got:

US Air 010.jpg


It was also nice to have something to cover up that tray table advertising.

US Air 009.jpg

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