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I’m like a chicken with its head cut off right now. I’ve got to catch a train to Philly, take a taxi from the station to the airport and board a US Airways flight – economy-class, yikes! – to Paris for the air show. But before I leave, I want to tell you about my conversation with ViaSat this week. You’ll no doubt recall a previous RWG report that Lufthansa is going in a different direction for its Ku-band offering than the T-Mobile/ViaSat offering previously planned.

First off, ViaSat is not commenting specifically on the Lufthansa reports. “We generally tend to wait until we’ve got ink on paper before we make announcements. Certainly we were teamed with T-Mobile and pursuing Lufthansa,” says ViaSat director of regulatory affairs Daryl Hunter.

“We will have to see what the future holds for that particular thing. That has not stopped us from continuing…to talk with folks in the meanwhile. I don’t know that it [the Luftie report] is going to change anything we do in the future.”

In other words, ViaSat is pushing forward with its plans for a Ku-band-based connectivity service for airlines. I look forward to speaking further with them on this plan.

But has the T-Mobile grouping – which contained a number of other key industry players – totally disbanded? Key quote:

“I’d say that’s a premature statement. Certainly it hasn’t been made clear to me that that’s the case. It’s probably too early to say that that relationship has changed or altered by anything that is going on,” says Hunter. 

Oh, very interesting!!! Now I’m off to Paris, where I hope to find more juicy IFE&C bits for the IFE&C lovers out there. Are you one yet? :)  

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