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It’s a jolly holiday for Mary

I’m grabbing my chimney sweep and heading for greener pastures for a week. That means doing the heretofore unthinkable and putting Runway Girl on holiday too. Time to disconnect and appreciate a bit of grass and sky.

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Stand by your seats: interiors expert tackles timely topic

Standing-seat concepts are in the fray, following Spring Airlines’ confirmation it has spoken to Airbus about adding standing-seats on its Airbus A320s, and Ryanair’s query of passengers on the subject (they are keen to oblige if their ticket is free). But are standing-seats a realistic option? I asked aircraft interiors expert Jennifer Coutts Clay of […]

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United, United, United…

Three interesting things about United Airlines today:1) The carrier is testing new slim seats on a single Boeing 757. Check out the following posting. Will slim seats – the likes of which we discussed here – accommodate fat passengers? Silly question RWG.2) United confirms it is studying connectivity solutions for its overseas flights. I […]

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VIDEO: Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

When it doesn’t work:   And when it does (DJ Timbo?):  

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Healthy single-digit numbers of paying customers?!?

In-flight Wi-Fi is getting more and more attention in the press thanks in no small part to Aircell, which has not only captured the lion’s share of the US market but has also become a multi-media marketing machine (note to Aircell competitors – Aircell has set the social media networking bar for in-flight connectivity providers).Jaunted […]

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Everett gallery (787s, hard work, and working hard at play)

Over the last several days this blog has featured just some of the news to come out of the World Airline Entertainment Association’s (WAEA’s) single focus connectivity workshop, which was held on 14-15 July at Boeing’s Future of Flight Museum in Everett, Washington. Flight Global’s new IFE&C web channel has also been running a list of stories from […]

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Kneading dough for a better return

There are ways to capture additional revenue dollars from in-flight connectivity above and beyond basic fee-for-service deals. And you can be sure airlines are keen to hear all plausible concepts. During the recent World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) single focus connectivity workshop, AeroMobile senior commercial manager Adla Hendry described how the Arinc/Telenor joint venture is […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Delta’s FOCIS initiative revealed

Delta Air Lines has big plans for exploiting in-flight connectivity. Runway Girl can exclusively reveal that the carrier, which is equipping its entire domestic mainline fleet with Aircell’s Gogo air-to-ground (ATG)-based broadband system, wants to view each of its aircraft as a node on its network as part of a Future Operations Communications Information System […]

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In-flight entertainment is hot topic today

Do mobile gadgets threaten in-flight entertainment (IFE)? Check out how one article can get a bunch of people talking about IFE.

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Does Continental have big cojones?

Aircell’s in-flight broadband dominance in the United States was further underscored today with the announcement that US Airways – yes US Airways!!! – has committed to install Gogo on its 50-strong fleet of Airbus A321s beginning next year. It’s a surprising move in light of the fact that US Airways recently opted not to expand […]

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