Can you dig it?

A new digEplayer – dubbed the digEplayer XLP for “extra long play” – has hit the market.

digEplayer XLP.JPG

Manufacturer digEcor says the digEplayer XLP offers six more hours of battery life than the current digEplayer XT model. It also boasts an LED backlit screen.

This compares to the 10-hour battery life of the digEplayer XT (although digEcor has a version of the XT with an LED backlit screen that offers 12 hours).

I’ve posted an article here. No public word yet on the launch customer.

But check out my follow-up Q&A with digEcor. Can you dig it?

1) How many years did it take to develop the XLP?

This is a tricky question to answer. Since much of the architecture is based on the digEplayer XT, one could say it has taken years. Though, the actual time devoted to turning the XT into the XLP is probably much shorter. 
2) Had you wanted to bring this to market sooner?

Who wouldn’t say yes to this question? We devote a lot of time, money, and resources to asking the industry (which includes passengers) what they want and what they need. Instead of trying to compete today, our focus is to provide what you need tomorrow and beyond. The advantage is that we are able to create high value products and services that the market can use for a long time. The downside is that it prolongs the decision and implementation process. Personally, I believe that we and more importantly, the industry are better for it though. 
3) Have you shown the prototype of this model before (was this the prototype model at WAEA last year)?

This was not the player that we prototyped last Fall. Though that prototype was important in that it helped us better understand the market’s requirements. The digEplayer XLP was shown to a number of individuals at the Aircraft Interiors Expo as well as a number of airlines to gather feedback and arrive at the final production model which is now available to airlines worldwide. 

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