One satcom antenna and two hot IFE&C presentations

I really must have too many balls in the air (easy) or perhaps I’m going slightly bonkers (I prefer the term “eccentric”), because I just took a good hard look at my desktop and found the two hottest IFE&C presentations of late just sitting there, begging to be posted to Runway Girl.

Now then, if you’re a WAEA member, you need read no further. You’ve got access to these two presentations (as well as a treasure trove of others, yee lucky ducks). But, if you’re not a WAEA member, then do read on.

The first presentation, given by Airbus connectivity programme director Antoine Francois at the recent WAEA single-focus connectivity workshop in Everett, Washington, spells out Airbus’ exact connectivity strategy, a strategy that has come under fire of late.

You likey the leaky line? Well maybe you’d like one satcom antenna to take care of all your connectivity needs (cockpit and cabin). The following two slides from Francois’ WAEA speech say A LOT – and gives you a visual indication of what all the controversy is about - but you can view the entire presentation here:

WAEA single focus workshop.pdf


Airbus 2.JPG



John Craig, of Boeing cabin and network systems, also gave a great presentation at the WAEA workshop. It was, in fact, very similar (if not identical) to the one he gave at the Inmarsat aeronautical conference in Vancouver. Here is a telling slide, but Craig’s entire presentation can be read here:


Boeing 1.JPG


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