Aircell hits back at suggestion of bandwidth limitation

I awoke to fnd the following email in my inbox this morning. It’s from Aircell in response to yesterday’s blog “Are bandwidth limiations serious?” While I feel I provided balance by mentioning my own positive Gogo user experience - and highlighted Gadling’s positive review - I want to make clear that I do not take sides on these issues. And so here is Aircell’s comment in full. To say the firm discounts the claim – and takes me to task – would be an understatement.

I was working to line up an executive to speak to your questions but I have to say that I was a little shocked and disappointed that you published such a negative post about our supposed bandwidth limitations without talking to us first (why the rush?). In addition, I’m surprised that you published hearsay without checking your facts first:

The blog you link to for the speed test is a blog with only two posts in total (from June) and whose purpose as a blog is dubious at best. They also conveniently leave off any references to the airline they’re on, the date of their experience or anything that could be used to verify their claims. I’m truly surprised that you would use them as a source.

Secondly, the unnamed source in your post states that “a simple MP3 song takes over 30 minutes to download” and that it takes “over half an hour to download a few MB of set up programming.” Since the mid-1990s, standard dial-up modems (56.0 Kbps) have been able to download a few MB of data in less than 10 minutes. Your source is claiming that their experience of Gogo is worse than dial-up modems from the 1980s!  Mary, that’s such a ridiculous claim, I’m surprised you dignified it with a post. If Gogo was that slow, don’t you think one of the many people blogging about using our service would have mentioned it at some point?

In the future, please give us the time to respond to the misinformation that you are being fed before you post something worthy of a retraction.

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2 Responses to Aircell hits back at suggestion of bandwidth limitation

  1. The Sarge August 12, 2009 at 3:49 pm #

    Ouch! I’d say that hit a “9″ on the tension scale.

    I’ll bet they proudly wear “Aircell” themed clothing (incl. jammies?) at every opoortunity too.

    Take Frankie Goes Hollywood’s advice and “relax!”

  2. Mary Kirby August 12, 2009 at 9:26 pm #

    Or as my British colleagues like to say: “Easy Tiger.” But I take his points on board. Hey, this ain’t nothing compared to the town hall meetings on health care :)