Former WAEA exec director talks about Wi-Fi survey results

Remember that in-flight Wi-Fi survey that I’ve been bugging you to take? Well the results are in, and they are very interesting. Read the entire update here:

IAG Wi-Fi report.doc

Innovation Analysis Group (IAG), which undertook the survey, states that while the data has changed only marginally over the last three years, there has been strong movement in one area – travelers are willing to pay a lot less for in-flight connectivity than they once were prepared to.

IAG head honcho Addison Schnoland today spoke about the results with Richard Owen, an IFE&C consultant and former executive director of the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA).

They had a great chat and you can access it at the following link:

But here is just one key exchange between Schonland and Owen:

Addison – Question: When one looks at… the fact that you need to be able to offer this thing domestically and beyond the borders, the two big options right now are the Ku-band from Row 44 and the…terrestrial technology with Aircell Gogo. Do you think those two will start cooperating on long-haul flights and then quietly cooperate across the board because each one is dependent on a channel?

Richard Owen Color JPeg.JPGOwen – Answer: Yeah they are [dependent on a channel]. I have no doubt that those conversations are probably already happening not only between those two major players in the marketplace, but also among other players who kind of operate in this area who may offer some other solutions that could make the Internet access as seamless as possible across the water, across other countries.

And I’m sure there is direct competition between those two that you named where necessary but also certainly cooperation where it makes sense for them to be able to team up and offer the best solution for airlines or a particular airline where necessary. So yes, I think there are a number of players out there in the marketplace that can provide different solutions and I’m sure they’re already talking to position themselves for success as to however this might shake out.”

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