Meet Neutral, Lufthansa’s secret weapon

With all the calm, cool, collected reserve you’d expect from a top-notch design firm, Neutral, which creates all the branding for Lufthansa’s in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems, has made it known that it is ready to add to its roster of customers.

Managers at the London-based firm, who admit to being “obsessed with integrated design”, sat down with me at the recent World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference to tell me about Neutral and its new expansion plan.

“After eight years with Lufthansa, we now feel we are advanced enough to expand our business and share it with other clients,” said Neutral’s Tapio Snellman.

A quick scan of Neutral’s body of work for Lufthansa (see below) will tell you just how important the firm has been to the Star Alliance member.

In addition to creating the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for the Rockwell Collins eTes and Panasonic eX2 IFE systems on Lufthansa’s aircraft, Neutral rebranded the German carrier’s ‘Magazine OnAir’ video programme.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the 3D animation that Neutral created to introduce passengers to Lufthansa’s new business class environment:

If you’re an airline that wants to take its IFE system to the next level, give this firm a call.

Its name is, after all, Neutral.

Neutral founded in 1999, IFE work since 2001
Work with Lufthansa includes:
2002 R&D GUI development
2003-2009 Interactive content with monthly updates: Fleet, routes, Lufthansa history, Aviation Group, Miles&More infos
2003 Rebranding of ‘Magazine OnAir’ video program, establishing of screen design identity for Lufthansa IFE system
2004 Opening sequences for 6 specialised music programmes, updated monthly
2005-2006  Numerous opening sequences and interstitials for the entire IFE system
2004-2009 Production of music tracks following aural corporate identity for incorporation into IFE
2007 eTes GUI for First and Economy Class (including fully functional demos)
2007 eX2 GUI for First, Business and Economy Class (including fully functional demos in German, English, Arabic and Chinese)
2008 Safety videos (3D animation) for 5 aircraft types, in 8 languages each
2009 Flyrobic well-being onboard video (3D animation) in 6 languages
2009 R&D Collaboration with Rockwell Collins on future eTes GUI (ohhh, very  interesting, says I.)
Other airline clients include: Angolan Airlines, Finnair and Air New Zealand.

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