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Get your kit on!

JetBlue Airways subsidiary LiveTV’s new Kiteline World solution was heralded by at least one senior level industry executive as among the three most exciting bright new things to come out of the recent World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Palm Springs, California. The other two, said our senior executive, were Panasonic’s Fusion […]

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Anatomy of an idea (how MAXCABIN was born)

Design Q’s MAXCABIN sideways seating concept for short-haul travel continues to amuse and bemuse. Design Q has revealed that MAXCABIN evolved from a project conducted by Design Q for a primary school classroom. Want to see how it all got started? Check out the anatomy of Design Q’s idea (below). It makes for a more […]

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Hot topic, cool head

Carl Biersack, executive director of the Inflight PassengerCommunications Coalition (which includes stakeholders AeroMobile and OnAir), has written an opinion piece about the USA’s farcical ban on the in-flight use of cell phones (you know, those things we can’t live without, even on a night out on the town). The whole piece, which is now running […]

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Honeywell’s Tube of Rock

Some fab IFEC stuff is coming out of NBAA right now. Check out Flightglobal’s special NBAA landing page for all the latest news, blogs and video from the show (IFEC-specific news is on Flightglobal’s dedicated IFEC channel). This video from the show caught my eye. Yeah, it rocks.

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Panasonic takes big screens to the skies

Panasonic Avionics has unveiled what it says is “the highest resolution and largest monitor in the [commercial] in-flight entertainment space today”. The new 32in, high-definition LCD monitor is part of a package of new premium in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) solutions for Panasonic’s X Series product line. It was showcased for the first time in a […]

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Wi-Fi love for Virgins and experienced alike

Bloody hell but Virgin America is a smart promotional cookie (as usual). Aircell has been giving out free “first timers” promos for its Gogo in-flight broadband solution for months, but Virgin America has had the good sense to let Google put its stamp on all that free Wi-Fi love from 10 November 2009 until 15 […]

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What’s all this then?

Some industry insiders say Lufthansa Technik is making great strides in advancing an onboard connectivity solution. So I did a bit of patent snooping on Google (as one is apt to do) and came across the 2007-published EP1758269, a “device and method for use of a mobile telephone on board an aircraft”. Is this what […]

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Free in-flight email anywhere in the world

What a funky antenna! Guess what? It’s going to help airlines offer basic in-flight email for free to passengers anywhere in the world. Say what, RWG? Well, JetBlue subsidiary LiveTV has combined its US-centric air-to-ground (ATG)-based Kiteline email service with the Iridium Openport satellite communications service – and that wild antenna – to create Kiteline […]

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Get ready to dance in the aisles with RAVE

If the recent World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Palm Springs showed us anything, it is that an economic recession may be the very best time to innovate. Several IFEC companies have done just that, and are now standing out for their technological envelope-pushing. One such firm, The IMS Company, received mad […]

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Dock your iPod for IFE

Apple iPods and iPhones and i-yada, yada, yadas are all wonderful (lord knows I’ve grown rather attached to my iPhone). But, even if you’ve got in-seat power for your device, when it comes to a five-plus-hour flight, all that eye squinting can get bothersome (and wrinkle-inducing). Enter IFPL (Inflight Peripherals Limited), a company that has […]

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