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First video of Panasonic’s Karma (nice)

Panasonic’s Karma touch-screen handset is hot (yes, we’ve said that before). But here is an indepth on-camera look at everything you can expect. Coming to an airline very soon….

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PHOTOS: Lumexis goes 2G

Lumexis, that plucky California company that is bringing some much-needed competition to the in-flight entertainment space, has introduced a second-generation iteration of its potentially revolutionary fiber optic-based, fiber-to-the-screen (FTTS) in-flight entertainment system. The first generation product, trialled on a single US Airways Airbus A320, “flew flawlessly and never required even a single system reboot in […]

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VIDEO: Panasonic gets radical with Fusion integrated seat

To the casual observer, Panasonic Avionics’ new Fusion integrated seat might seem like just another seat with some sleek IFEC (really sleek…hello highly connected IFE with social networking like Twitter and FaceBook). But Fusion is much more than that. It could pave the way for a sea change in how IFEC manufacturers, aircraft interiors specialists and seat […]

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Game on as Carlisle acquires ECS

Glasses will no doubt be raised, or rather, beer bottles will no doubt be clanked, as Carlisle Companies joins with its newly acquired Electronic Cable Specialists (ECS) this evening in celebrating what many football fans are calling “the game of the century”. I’m not going to even pretend I know why the Green Bay vs […]

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Exclusive: The Griffin-made iPod connectivity tool for IFE

The annual World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition got off to a roaring start today (and they haven’t even opened the doors to the show floor yet!!) I and my colleague Jon Ostrower have been filing copy throughout the day so be sure to check out Flight Global’s new in-flight entertainment and connectivity […]

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Hashtag WAEA, Hashtag IFEC

Nine years after attending my first World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Anaheim, California, I’m headed back to the West Coast for the organization’s 30th annual expo in Palm Springs. As I pack my bags for tomorrow’s flight, I am reminded that much has changed in the world of in-flight entertainment since […]

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Airline Wi-Fi revenue generation: It ain’t rocket science

In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC), In-flight Wi-Fi, In-flight Internet, Internet OnBoard…whatever you call it, however you use it, if you’re an airline you need to figure out how to generate revenue from it. So says The Travel Strategist Steven Frischling, who agreed to author a guest blog for RWG in advance of the World Airline Entertainment […]

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Southwest Airlines, Row 44 get clever about in-flight Wi-Fi

Row 44 is planning a big press event at next week’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition, and with good reason. The company is about to unveil a new ancillary-revenue tool that “enables airlines to monetize in-flight broadband even among passengers who do not pay for full Internet access” and will be “the first […]

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Low-cost carriers stick to it

There is some brilliant stuff coming out of the World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2009, which is being held this week in Barcelona. Flight has created a special landing page for the event, so do check it out. But two postings have caught my eye – Spring Airlines’ reiteration that it is looking at standing-seats […]

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