Passive revenue from active selling

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Amended below to include my proper Yahoo email address. It has already been one of those days…

“Show me the money.” That memorable quote from the movie Jerry Maguire was the aptly-chosen headline of a very interesting speech given by Thales Avionics business development manager – new passenger experiences Andrew Bourque at the recent World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Palm Springs, California.

Full disclosure – I didn’t hear the speech in real-time, as I was on a mission to hit the show floor as hard as I could, although I understand it featured a flight attendant, convergence of IFE and point of sale (POS) handhelds, and free Vegas giveaways.

So how do I know that Bourque kicked a field goal at WAEA? I’ve got his full presentation, which is all about using IFE to monetize the cabin, including an important segment on building passive revenue from targeted adverts, sponsored content and surveys. Here are a few slides to wet your appetite.

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Unfortunately, the Moveable Type platform from which I blog won’t let me upload Bourque’s sizable presentation, which is definitely worth a read. If you’re interested in seeing the whole shebang, feel free to contact me at (For maximum effect, I recommend that you view the presentation in full slide show form).

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