#DXB09: Would Aircell’s SBB kit make sense for US carriers?

Hats off to Aircell for taking advantage of the momentum behind the Dubai air show (#DXB09) by announcing a new sales and service rep for the Middle East.

Shoukry Shokralla will be responsible for supporting existing operators of Aircell’s SwiftBroadband (SBB)-supported, Thrane & Thrane-powered airborne connectivity solution, which the US firm believes is well suited for the region. He will also assist prospective customers with their needs.

Unlike other SBB connectivity providers, which largely focus on in-flight mobile phone calls, messaging and email, Aircell focuses on offering “e-mail and light Internet services” for the business jet community. Telephone calls are made over Aircell’s Axxess integrated cabin handsets.
In the USA, Aircell’s main business, both in commercial and business aviation, is centered on its air-to-ground (ATG)-based high-speed Internet system.

But will Aircell start offering a similar SBB solution to the commercial sector? I wonder if Aircell’s international airline customers, such as American, Delta, United and US Airways, wouldn’t be well-placed to consider offering SBB on overseas flights.

Hey, British Airways is already doing it via an agreement with OnAir!!!

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