Inspiration meets reality check with ANA’s in-flight offering

One has to wonder just how peeved is All Nippon Airways (ANA). The Boeing 787 launch customer, which has watched the aircraft programme suffer through delay after delay, has decided to roll out its latest in-flight products and services – branded “Inspiration of Japan” – on its Boeing 777-300ERs starting in February.

You can see the entire upgrade plan here. Be sure to check out the IFE, including embedded Panasonic eX2 IFE screens and Apple iPod connectivity in every cabin. Very sweet stuff.

But what about the 787s? In January 2007 ANA became the first operator to select Panasonic’s eX2 IFE system for its initial batch of 787s. Deliveries of the first 787-8s to ANA were originally scheduled to begin in 2008.

By the time ANA actually receives its eX2-equipped 787s, ANA will already be flying 777s with the Inspiration of Japan offering for quite a while. The carrier has earmarked its 767-300ERs for eX2 equipage as well.
Will that make the ANA 787 seem less inspiring?

ANA’s statement doesn’t make any mention of in-flight connectivity for the 777s and 767s. The carrier previously offered Boeing’s now-defunct Connexion service on its 777-300ER aircraft and had plans to roll it out across its long-haul fleet (do the disappointments never cease?)

Of course, Boeing is still deciding on just what linefit solution it is going to offer customers in that regard.

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