Aircell touts operational applications of in-flight Internet

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Avionics Magazineyesterday hosted an online webinar with some of the top names in the in-flightentertainment and communications (IFEC) industry. I’m still digesting what cameout of the event, but I must say I found Aircell senior vice-president, airlinesolutions Fran Phillips’ slide about all the operational benefits ofin-flight connectivity to be MOST interesting.


No, Frandid not address pay-for-service model of Aircell’s Gogo service (which appearsto be under duress) but she does say there is an economical upside to in-flightconnectivity when airlines exploit its operational benefits. And, she says, thatupside could equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. FYI, you can still listen to a recording of yesterday’s webinar.

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2 Responses to Aircell touts operational applications of in-flight Internet

  1. Bob December 3, 2009 at 5:34 pm #

    Wow! That’s reallly… Obvious?

  2. Mary Kirby December 3, 2009 at 9:42 pm #

    LOL…okay, yes, to a certain degree it is very obvious, but it is interesting that Aircell is now talking about the operational benefits when the pay-for-service model isn’t working. I want Aircell to succeed, and I think people will come around in time (not everyone is a computer geek…but we’re getting there), and the carriers that have it will HAVE IT when it’s time to have it, and these operational efficiencies become more important. An aircraft went down in the waters off Brazil…what if it had VERY GOOD connectivity?? Streaming LOTS info down? What if?