Now for the Virgin Atlantic connectivity QUESTIONS

Virgin Atlantic's Question Five.JPG

We now know that Virgin Atlantic is considering offering in-flight connectivity on board its new-delivery aircraft from 2011, but just what type of connectivity will it offer?

Well, the carrier is clearly on the fence about that subject. Above is a snap of Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Question Five’ to travelers via FaceBook.

But you can read all the questions, and all the answers, at the Virgin Atlantic FaceBook page.

Make sure to scroll down the page because there is a lot of noise (good noise) on there.

Also, if you want to chat with Chris Birch, you’ll find him in the comment section of each question. And yes, he is giving some answers!

Here is a key comment from Birch about the aforementioned Question Five:

Thanks for your feedback today. Looks like priorities are quiet mixed, but a slight edge to web access for browsing.

Apologies if some of you found the question confusion. What we’re considering is whether you would prefer browsing capabilities built into seat back IFE or a GPRS solution, that utilises PED’s.

We appreciate that web access via our inflight entertainment can give you limited text and email capabilities, but not necessarily utilising your own devices.

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