We’re NOT dropping AeroMobile: Emirates

In a “dishy” blog post yesterday, I mentioned that speculation is rife that Emirates is considering dropping in-flight mobile phone provider AeroMobile, which was placed into administration in December. But Emirates responded this morning, effectively telling RWG that that particular plate is cold.

Here is the key quote from Emirates’ Patrick Brannelly, who now holds the title of vice-president corporate communications, product, publishing, digital & events (he was previously vice-president for passenger communications).

“This is not correct. We are NOT dropping AeroMobile. We are very happywith the service and so are our passengers. Over 170 flights will offerthe AeroMobile service today.

“Today, Emirates has now installed 67 aircraft with the AeroMobilesystem and each month going forward we plan to install a further two tothree aircraft.”

Meanwhile, the IFEC industry is waiting to see how the administration process will pan out, and whether Panasonic, OnAir or other firms come forward to bid on AeroMobile, as majority-owner Telenor has vowed to do.

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