UPDATE: Will Boeing offer a dual satcom system for the 787?

UPDATE: Adds additional info on the 737 requirement

Will Boeing offer a dual satcom system for the 787 to ensure that cockpit and cabin connectivity remain totally separate and assuage regulators concerns?

One anonymous commenter on my previous – slightly controversial – blog post about connectivity crossover concerns says yes (I should add that this particular commenter has been right about a lot of things in the past).

Key quote:

Some IFE/Connectivity vendors have been proposing a dual SATCOM system for some time and it looks as though Boeing will be going down this route on the 787 (possibly the 748 and 777 too), strangely Boeing have been keen on a single cockpit/cabin SATCOM solution on the 737NI.

The 737NI (new interior) is the next iteration of the single aisle workhorse. The single SATCOM solution comment is applicable to both the NG and the NI. Basically it’s the NG with a fancy new cabin baseline, IFEC vendors will have to provide an all up digital solution for this platform.

Boeing could not provide immediate comment. But, if you’ve got more to add, please feel free.

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