Air Canada says it does NOT have Koito seats…so there

The scramble to find out which carriers have Koito-made aircraft seats in the wake of the Japanese firm’s admission that it falsified data on 150,000 seats has officially begun. But if you think Air Canada is amongst the 32 airlines affected, think again.

“None of the aircraft in Air Canada’s fleet have Koito seats,” an Air Canada spokesman volunteered in an email today.

Key pars:

“Some media reports have mentioned that AC is among other airlines listed on Koito’s  web site: We were a past client, but as you know,  Air Canada recently completed a fleet renewal and refurbishment program, using brand new seats from other manufacturers, and the last Koito seats were removed April 2008 as part of the refurbishment program.”
Seats in AC’s operating fleet since refurbishment/renewal:
Embraers:  C&D Zodiac (US)
Airbus A319, A320, A321, J and Y: B/E Aerospace (UK)
Economy: Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 : B/E Aerospace (UK)
Executive First: Airbus A330 and Boeing 777: Contour (UK)

We’ll have more on this seat situation later. Boeing has Koito seats in its Dreamliner gallery, which means 787 customers – over and above ANA – are likely impacted.

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