Join the fun as journos cover the #787cabin event

Today Boeing will debut the interior of 787 Airplane 3, which will be used for interior/passenger environment testing. From what I understand the aircraft is fitted with some seating, sidewalls, bins and lavs, as well as plenty of test equipment. In-flight entertainment systems are absent, and are not likely to make a showing until Airplane 6 (I will get this confirmed today).
Significantly, however, journalists on today’s tour will receive briefings from Boeing director of differentiation strategy Blake Emery and 787 interiors leader Tom Galantowicz. We’ll get insight on the forthcoming flight tests required for interior certification. Then we’re off to the customer delivery center for briefings, followed by a trip to flight line for airplane viewing/photography. Lastly, I believe I’ll finally get a chance to see the Dreamliner gallery. 
I will be tweeting news from the briefings and pictures of everything so if you’ve got a Twitter account, please follow met at @RunwayGirl and the hashtag #787cabin 
If you’re not on Twitter (or couldn’t be arsed to set up an account at this time), simply come to this page and view the Twitter stream to the right of this blog. I’ll also try to push out the occasional mini-blog with particularly salient points and provide a more comprehensive round-up later this evening.
(Photo of Airplane 1 credited to Jon Ostrower, aka Flightblogger)

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