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Buried, but…150,000 seats used by 32 carriers!!!

I’m buried in a mound of work so pardon me for the quickie blog, but you simply must read the following article: Japanese seat manufacturer Koito has admitted it fabricated safety data on 150,000 seats used by 32 carriers. We’ve been talking about this subject here and on Flightglobal’s IFEC channel. I wonder how many […]

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Turkish is going to treat you oh SO good

Panasonic has finally given us the name of another customer for its global communications suite (GCS), and it’s a good one! Turkish Airlines will equip its new Boeing 777-300ERs and Airbus A330-300s with the full suite, comprising Ku-band satellite-based ‘eXConnect’ high-speed Internet, mobile phone connectivity and live television (a proprietary broadcast TV distribution network). The […]

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VIDEO: Boeing gets slim for 787 economy class

Okay lads and lassies, you should know that this Recaro Comfort Line (CL) 3620 seat is NOT offerable on the Boeing 787 yet! Nonetheless, it is being shown in a side room off of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner seat gallery.  BUT, Boeing says a version of the ultra-slim seat – which is already flying in Qantas […]

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Two statements…too funny

For those of you following the Airbus/OnAir/Panasonic/AeroMobile saga, you’re no doubt getting quite the chuckle out of this morning’s back-to-back press releases from Panasonic and from OnAir about IFEC offerability on the A350 XWB.To give you a bit of clarity, Panasonic says its IFEC offerings – including eXPhone and eXConnect – are indeed line-fit offerable […]

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Koito mess forces All Nippon Airways to delay 777 interiors plan

I’ve got to rush and catch a flight out of Seattle, but do you remember my post the other day about seat manufacturer Koito being in hot water for falsifying 16g test reports? Well, we’re starting to see the fall-out. And it’s BIG! Full statement from All Nippon Airways: Apology>Delay in Flight Commencement of the New […]

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VIDEO: Details from Boeing’s 787 interior event in Everett

Wow. What a day. My head is spinning after touring 787 Airplane 3 (ZA003), the Dreamliner gallery and Boeing’s mock-ups for the 787, 747-8 and 737 Sky Interior.  Just prior to today’s adventure, Boeing director, 787 interior Tom Galantowicz  and other executives gave journalists an opportunity to ask some questions. Check out the video below. […]

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Join the fun as journos cover the #787cabin event

Today Boeing will debut the interior of 787 Airplane 3, which will be used for interior/passenger environment testing. From what I understand the aircraft is fitted with some seating, sidewalls, bins and lavs, as well as plenty of test equipment. In-flight entertainment systems are absent, and are not likely to make a showing until Airplane […]

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VIDEO: Get ready for Boeing 787 interior debut

Just pinch me! I’m a seriously happy Runway Girl right now. Here’s why:

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Playing with PlayStation Portables for the airline market

I’m not a regular player of video games. After overcoming a slightaddiction to Super Mario Bros in my late teens (God, I loved Yoshi), Imust admit I have steered clear of gaming in my adult life.But I’m increasingly becoming part of the minority. My daughter is already showing signs of serious video game interest. Many […]

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