Recaro’s timing is impeccable

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Two statements released by Recaro Aircraft Seating within less than a week of each other are…very interesting to say the least!

The firm, on 18 February, announced it has opened a new sourcing center in Shanghai. The new office “enables us to purchase selected materials in Asia and to take advantage of the savings potential available in the region”, says purchasing manager René Dankwerth.

“Our goal is to lower costs while maintaining our high quality and performance standards.”

The opening of a new Recaro office in Shangai comes at a time when Koito Industries – a major seat supplier to the Asian airline market – is under fire and review for falsifying test data on its seats. Koito’s slim seats are some of the slimmest – and cheapest – around, says a source.

And thus, Recaro’s timing is impeccable.

But what about that second statement? Six days earlier, Recaro announced it has signed a contract with Airbus with the intention to offer its Comfort Line CL3620 economy class seats for A350 XWB aircraft.

According to the contract, Airbus will include the CL3620 in its A350 XWB catalog upon successful qualification. This is the first agreement reached directly between Recaro Aircraft Seating and Airbus to supply seats under ACS (Airbus Contracted Supplier).

News that the CL3620 will be offered in the A350 catalog comes as Boeing is quietly showing the seat in its Dreamliner gallery. As of a few weeks ago, the seat still wasn’t, technically, offerable.

Does Airbus know how to get in front of a headline or what? Or is this announced deal with Recaro purely coincidence? Who knows. But it makes for some interiors fun on a Friday. 

Key info from Recaro on the CL3620:

The CL3620 seat design is based on the unique single-beam principle that replaces the two conventional support beams with a single beam. This gives the CL3620 a much leaner profile and significantly increases legroom. Even with a short seat pitch, passengers can enjoy unparalleled personal space. Innovations including the flexible material in the headrest, the foot net and an ultra-thin backrest add up to an  exceptionally comfortable experience for passengers.

(Graphic above from Recaro’s web site)

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  1. alloycowboy February 21, 2010 at 3:33 pm #

    Hey Mary,

    I am pretty naive about aircraft seats other then stresses and certification issues. I was just thinking that I don’t know much about what it takes to make a good aircraft seat. Would you mind educating me and your other readers as to what the difference is between a good and a bad aircraft seat is. Thanks!

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