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Skew this!

Ok. I’m going to give the OnAir/Ryanair story a rest for a bit (but I think I’ll allow myself the right to point out (just one more time) that the mobile connectivity service touted by OnAir and Ryanair – and deserving of what looks like a French Can Can or an Irish jig – is […]

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Nominate winners for the Flightglobal Achievement Awards

Flightglobal is inviting you to nominate the winners for the 2010 FlightglobalAchievement Awards. The award categories include Aviator, Innovator and Leader of the Year. Flightglobal also invites nominations for Lifetime Achievement and the Boeing-sponsored engineering student of the year. The 2010 winners included Chesley Sullenberger (Aviator), RichardBranson (Innovator) and Bob Mitchell (Leader). Deadline for nominationsis […]

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Alive and kicking Ryanair to the curb

While chatting with OnAir chief Benoit Debains this morning, I got the sense that our friendly Frenchman isn’t overly concerned that OnAir and Ryanair have parted ways. “It has been a long time now [that] OnAir has not been depending on Ryanair. I wish we kept Ryanair as a customer but the fact is [we] […]

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Don’t call it Fusion…

Don’t call it Fusion. Due to trademark constraints, Panasonic’s potentially-revolutionary ‘Fusion’ product (which merges high-end in-flight entertainment with slimline seating for a standard offering) is now referred to as the ‘Integrated Smart Monitor’. It’s my understanding that Rockwell Collins didn’t care for the fact that Fusion sounds an awful lot like its Pro Line Fusion […]

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Did Ryanair want free or nearly free equipage?

That’s just one of the many questions being asked by industry observers today after OnAir’s stunning announcement that it has dropped a contract with its biggest customer, Ryanair, after equipping no fewer than 50 of the low-cost giant’s Boeing 737s with in-flight mobile connectivity service. Key quote from OnAir: “After operating the OnAir service on […]

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Ambit, Delta, Aircell and moving parts…

The Aircell management reshuffle continues. Sources tell RWG that Aircell executive Tom Weigman is no longer with the company. This comes after Weigman was allegedly passed up for promotion to president and CEO, as  Michael Small was hired to the post. Separately, but meanwhile, the Ambit lawsuit against Aircell and Delta Air Lines – claiming […]

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Southwest Airlines begins fleet-wide Wi-Fi rollout

Having just heard from a source that Southwest Airlines has installed a new Row 44 Wi-Fi radome on a fifth Boeing 737 (N910WN) – the first non-trial aircraft! – I was armed with a question for Row 44 CEO John Guidon at today’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) single focus workshop in Universal City, Ca. […]

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Mind the “gap”: Delta knows it needs in-seat power!

When I arrived at today’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) single focus workshop at the lovely Sheraton in Universal City, California, I immediately sought out a power socket for my laptop. When I didn’t see any free sockets in the room, I must admit I got a little bit frantic. I knew my computer wouldn’t […]

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Will iPad destroy in-flight entertainment? Expert weighs in.

Will tablets, like the Apple iPad, spell the end of in-flight entertainment (IFE), like some folks suggest? One industry expert weighs in (yes, anonymously, but you’ll see our expert knows about which he speaks). I don’t think it will spell the end of IFE, but perhaps not for the reasons many seem to presume. For […]

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VIDEO: Boeing 787 Tour de Force

I’ve been a busy pup lately (as evidenced by my crazy hair!), but I haven’t forgotten about my awesome Boeing 787 twinjet tour in February. I finally had a chance to pull together a video blog with my friends at Not Bad Design. This is Airplane 3 (ZA003), the bad boy that is fitted with […]

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