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Thales TopConnect DC-9 flight tests – the VIDEO!

Last year at the Inmarsat Aeronautical Conference in Vancouver, Thales presented a video about the successful flight tests of its TopConnect suite of connectivity solutions on a McDonnell Douglas DC-9. TopConnect is supported by Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband aeronautical service.After last year’s event, I immediately started bugging Thales for a copy of the video. Well, I’m happy […]

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What would this mean for the paid in-flight Wi-Fi model?

The headline, “US considers some free wireless broadband service”, grabs ya, and then the obvious question ensues. What would this mean for the paid in-flight Wi-Fi service model in the United States? People get mighty used to having things for free. Hat tip to Reuters on this timely piece. A couple key pars: U.S. regulators […]

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PICTURES: You’ve got mail via Thales IFE

Look at this lovely little email I received from Thales’ Nick Silvester via the firm’s new connected IFE app, which was demonstrated to me and other journalists last week at the Thales Connectivity Suite in Crawley, UK. The email arrived in my Yahoo account very quickly after being sent by Nick. Very swiftly even.Okay, now […]

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Note to self…

Take your own advice, and read the Flightglobal IFEC channel, since the Row 44/Mango story is sitting right there silly girl! Thanks to Row 44 for not pointing this out to me when I asked them for comment today. Instead, a spokesman says the following: “Yes, the Mango provider is Row 44. WirelessG is our […]

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Has Row 44 hit the ‘G Connect’ spot at Mango?

It appears that Row 44 has inked another deal. South African carrier Mango has announced that it will offer in-flight Internet connectivity to passengers, pending CAA approval (see full statement below). The “G Connect” entity mentioned in Mango’s statement says it is working in partnership with Row 44. Click through to the highlighted words to […]

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VIDEO: Inmarsat CEO talks about ‘the art of the economical’

One day after visiting with Thales, which is using Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband aeronautical service to support its connected IFE solutions, I scooted on over to Inmarsat in London for a tour of the firm’s operations center and a candid one-on-one interview with chairman and CEO Andrew Sukawaty.Sukawaty talked about the increasingly popular SwiftBroadband service and whether […]

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VIDEO: Thales gets fully connected (and very social!)

Does Thales have a solid in-flight connectivity strategy in place? The manufacturer gave a resounding “yes” to that question today when it showcased its new London area-based connectivity demonstration suite to journalists, and revealed it has concluded an agreement with a “six star” airline covering installation of its connectivity solutions, including GSM, Wi-fi, and connected […]

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The definition of broadband

How do you define broadband? Like many people, I think of broadband Internet as high-speed Internet. But, after reading my blog from yesterday about Oman’s Internet solution, some kind folks forwarded me the definition of broadband. Fair enough. Source WikiBroadband in telecommunications refers to a signaling method that includes or handles a relatively wide range […]

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You step away for five minutes…

Good gracious but isn’t it a busy time in the world of in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC)? If I step away for even five minutes I miss some serious action! Here is a run-down of stuff you should know about. For starters, as expected, Oman has switched on its ‘Mobile OnAir’ and ‘Internet OnAir’ solutions […]

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