PICTURES: You’ve got mail via Thales IFE

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Look at this lovely little email I received from Thales’ Nick Silvester via the firm’s new connected IFE app, which was demonstrated to me and other journalists last week at the Thales Connectivity Suite in Crawley, UK.

The email arrived in my Yahoo account very quickly after being sent by Nick. Very swiftly even.

Okay, now imagine you’re an airline that wants to do your own personalized wrap-around on this email. Ohhhh, finally! All those promises of Personal Services are coming to bear. So it wasn’t pie-in-the-sky!

But what else can you tell us about Thales’ connected IFE, RWG? Well, let’s ask the expert shall we? Note the key point – Every passenger gets connectivity via the IFE screen!

(And yes, before you say it, the Flip camera used on this trip proved woefully inadequate.Here we’ve got okay audio but poor video. I haven’t stopped swearing since I came back from London, but there is still useful info in the following segment. Useful info, that is, unless you’re looking for my telephone number.)

Now then, I would be remiss if I didn’t post some photos of the Thales Connectivity Suite, which “allows airlines to work with business partners and customer focus groups to refine the connected experience in a live environment using real systems”, says Thales.

That means airline managers get to try out Thales’ in-flight GSM, Internet, and Skype solutions. But my personal favorite, if you haven’t guessed it already, is the connected IFE. Now I wonder who the mystery launch customer for this solution might be, hmmmmm. Any guesses?

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