PICTURE: Aircell’s video service won’t be incognito for long

Video Client Gogo.JPG

Aircell is on schedule for a summer beta roll-out of its video download service, RWG can reveal.

The service allows passengers to download movies, television shows and other content for a fee on aircraft equipped with Aircell’s Gogo in-flight broadband solution.

“Between the summer 2010 and the end of this year and into the first quarter, we’re doing an extended test [of the service],” Aircell executive vice-president, airlines John Happ told RWG in a recent interview.

“We have one airline confirmed as of right now and there is still a pretty good chance that we’ll expand that to a second airline.”

Part of the test will be to look at various price points, notes Happ. $5.99 would represent “the low end of the first run movies”, he says, adding that it “could be a little bit higher than that”.

A preliminary image of the service (see above) was shown to attendees at the FFP ARAC 2009 Mega Event last year.

I like the name of the carrier at the top of the graphic – INCOGNITO AIRLINES.

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One Response to PICTURE: Aircell’s video service won’t be incognito for long

  1. Kaye April 14, 2010 at 12:28 am #

    Once again GOGO /Aircell will make a pass at trying to enhance a revenue IFE, not likely, still haven’t been able to generate revenue with just WIFI, even with discounted pricing and online games for discounts.