Poll results: IFE firms will keep pace in an iPad world

The Flightglobal poll results are in, and an overwhelming majority of respondents say IFE firms will keep pace in an iPad world (like there was ever any doubt).

Just how will IFE firms keep pace? We’ll get part of our answer in the coming months, I assure you.

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3 Responses to Poll results: IFE firms will keep pace in an iPad world

  1. Brent Wood April 20, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    The iPad is not a good substitute for a portable IFE device. There are things an IFE portable needs that are not compatable with the iPod. For example, you cannot remove the battery for charging which means that the whole iPad needs to be taken out of service for 4 plus hours for charging. A portable IFE device gets a newly charged battery exchanged in 10 seconds and goes back into the cart and back to the plane. This feature alone would cause an airline to need triple the number of players to rotate off plans compared to a digEplayer or and IMS player. Next the battery life to too short for a plane on a long haul route or several stops and then returning on one battery charge. Also the iPad, when dropped for a couuple of feet, the screen breaks. This is just a few reasons why the iPod cannot replace portable IFE devices stored on the plane for passanger use.

  2. Thorsten Wollweber April 21, 2010 at 9:44 am #

    Sorry Brent,
    I don’t agree. Just as everybody uses iPods nowadays instead of listening to the aircraft provided audio channels the iPad will be brought onto the plane by the passenger. It’s all about personal content and personal preference. Why should I rely on airline content and not read my (already bought) books/magazines, listen to my (already bought) personal favorites, watch my (already bought) TV shows and movies?
    Now, thinking about the just said: I do agree with you – iPads make no sense for the airlines. But IFE is going to be marginalized.
    The future belongs to Wifi/internet and cellphone service on board, like OnAir already provides.

  3. zehawk June 3, 2010 at 2:14 am #

    > Just as everybody uses iPods

    Who’s this everybody you talk about? Dont be an apple fanboy ;) there’s millions of air travelers around the world who dont own ipods, and rely on the IFE. I’m one of them.

    as for decent-sized-screen-portable-handheld-video-devices (a.k.a ipad), i’d say they dont have a chance in hell to complete with IFE systems. the probability is too small: people who own ipads X people who will carry it on flights X people who will take it out and hold it while eating, drinking and moving in and out of seats X people who’s ipad’s battery will last 20 hr flights X people who have enough content to watch for that.

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