Scruffy Muffy…Mesa to spruce up aircraft interiors

Have you ever flown on a regional aircraft operated by Mesa Air Group? If so, you know just how shabby are the carrier’s aircraft interiors.

Personally, I’ll never forget the interior state of the Mesa CRJ that flew me to Palm Springs last year for the WAEA conference and exhibition. The headrest area was all out of whack (making my neck feel out of whack). And everything looked really, really scruffy. The pic above is paradise in comparison to what I saw (and tweeted about).

One of Mesa’s major airline partners, US Airways, has finally taken notice of this Messy Bessy in its network. In US Airways’ latest employee newsletter, management reveals it is not pleased with the quality of Mesa’s interiors, and has alerted the carrier.

Key quote:

“As part of our focus on appearance, this has been addressed with Mesa and a refurbishment programme that includes seat cushion and cover replacement as well as numerous other interior reconditioning/replacement items is under development.”

US Airways’ in-flight group, meanwhile, is ready to lay claim to achieving an important distinction in its safety management system (SMS). Read all about it here.

(Photo above from PhillipC’s Flickr photo stream)

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  1. Oussama April 16, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    Better late than never, so much for seamless service. Legacy airlines promised their passengers seamless safety and service when using their regionals. Very few delivered on their promise. Most carriers just got on with it as long as it added revenue.

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