Weber, B/E and Recaro get SMART for Hamburg

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I had a brilliant chat with Panasonic Avionics executive director of corporate sales and marketing Neil James today about the Integrated Smart Monitor (formerly known as Fusion), and, whilst I don’t have time to lay out all the goods, I can tell you the following delicious things:

1)    The design language used to create the Integrated Smart Monitor (which I’m calling Smart for short) for economy class seating is now being extended across all four classes. So expect to eventually see versions of this integrated IFE/seat offering in economy, economy first, business, and yes even first class.

2)    Panasonic is working with Weber (pictured above), B/E Aerospace and Recaro on bringing Smart to a cabin near you, but it has fielded  “lots of interest from other seat vendors and we’re entertaining those”, says James. Panasonic’s priority, in the early days, is to these initial three, however (we can call them ‘the big three’ if you like).

3)    Panasonic has secured “several customers” for Smart, reveals James. The company just hasn’t announced them yet. Will an announcement drop at the Interiors Expo in Hamburg? We’ll just have to wait and see.

4)    One thing you will see in Hamburg (and if you don’t, I’ll tweet and twitpic about it for you) is that Weber, B/E and Recaro are each expected to showcase their version of a slim seat with Smart. Is this show going to be off the hook or what?

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