Embraer’s ‘technology’ presentation is worth a look

Embraer recently discussed how in-flight connectivity will play a key role in the next new “intelligent” commercial aircraft it brings to market.

Now the Brazilian airframer has made a March 2010 technology presentation available to the public. The presentation provides a more graphical idea of what Embraer’s larger technology development strategy entails (while sadly holding back on the really juicy bits).

It’s still worth a look, however. Embraer is expected to decide by year-end whether or not to bring a clean-sheet aircraft to market, or re-engine and add new technology to its current E-Jets.

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One Response to Embraer’s ‘technology’ presentation is worth a look

  1. Dave May 10, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    So disappointing- no supersonically cruising aircraft… or a hybernation chamber to make the flight go faster.

    Also, it seems there really isn’t much of a serious effort to develop green technology for aircraft (though this is true of all the major manufacturers). I mean there is some alternative fuel stuff, but no serious effort at anything radical… I suppose that’s something for DARPA.