Lufthansa says ‘new European cabin’ is NOT about density

Flightglobal yesterday broke the news that Lufthansa is planning to overhaul the cabins of its European fleet and introduce a new service concept later this year, under a project designated ‘Neue Europa Kabine’.

Needless to say, this bit of news sent some of us in the social media world into a flutter,  wondering if the driver behind Lufthansa’s continental fleet overhaul is an increase in seat density (i.e. will Lufthansa offer a fixed recline like Air France and USA’s Spirit Airlines?).

A Lufthansa spokesman assures, however, that Neue Europa Kabine is “definitely not a density initiative”.

Key quote:

“Instead, we will come forward with an entirely new product for our intra-European and domestic routes, consisting of a new cabin design and layout, new modern seats, and an improved service concept (food and beverages). The personal space for passengers will remain unchanged, while seating comfort will improve.”

As we know, new slimline seats on the market allow carriers to technically offer the same amount of personal space to passengers (with extra room for knees and shins carved out of the seat-back), while actually adding a row of seats. Or one can do like American is doing for its aged 737-800 fleet and pull out some galleys. So, while Neue Europa Kabine isn’t about density, one wonders if that might be the end result anyways.

We’ll have to wonder a little longer, though. The Lufthansa spokesman says: “As the product is still in development, this is all I can tell you right now.”

(Photo above from GADL’s Flickr photo stream)  

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