Thai picks alternate seat supplier as Koito problem drags on

Remember how Koito’s fabrication of aircraft seat test data delayed the delivery of five Airbus A330-300s to Thai Airways International (and created other delivery delays)?

Well, Thai A330s are still parked at Bordeaux, but the carrier’s board of directors has agreed a plan to get them fitted with seats and into the air where they belong.

Thai has picked German firm ZIM Flugsitz as its supplier of economy-class seats for the A330s under various stipulations. A key provision will see ZIM work in parallel with Koito, which has until 20 September to confirm its commitment to Thai (scroll down for Thai’s entire statement).

ZIM displayed its ‘ECO-01′ family of lightweight economy-class seats at the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.


Here is Thai’s statement about its new seat strategy (note that ZIM will get Thai’s 747 retrofit work if Koito can’t make good on the A330 commitment):

The Board approved on the Supplier of economy class seats including the in-flight entertainment for the A330-300 (4th to 8th aircraft) and for retrofitting of B747-400 (7th -12th aircraft).

Zim Flugsitz GmbH is the selected Seat Supplier, replacing Koito which could not provide the seats for THAI in due time. Due to the seat delivery problem, it became necessary for THAI to find other seat suppliers in parallel with solving the KOITO seat problem.

THAI then set up a Procurement Committee to find a new Seat Supplier, upon which ZIM Flugsitz GmbH has met the technical requirement specified by the Committee. ZIM products have also received endorsements from various organizations, leading to the confidence that it can deliver the seats to THAI within the specified timeframe.

German-based ZIM Flugsitz GmbH provides quality products that meet TOR specifications the most. Therefore, when compared all details and all aspects, ZIM Flugsitz GmbH was selected to be the Supplier of economy class seat for THAI, with an offer for ZIM to work in parallel with KOITO who has until 20th Sep to confirm to THAI their commitment.  

If KOITO cannot deliver the seat within the specified time frame, ZIM  will deliver the seats to THAI within 8 months of receiving the LOI. This comes with condition that ZIM would be supplier for the retrofit project of B747-400 (7th-12th aircraft).

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