FaceTime: This changes everything…

A video showing how Apple’s iPhone 4 FaceTime feature worked really well via Aircell’s Gogo in-flight connectivity service is tearing up the web. See below how the story (and, quite frankly, the term “in-flight”) is trending on Twitter and then watch the video.

We know that passengers have been using VOIP on US aircraft (even though, technically,
carriers don’t allow it). But with FaceTime video calling bringing the issue to the forefront, I wonder if the Hang-Up Act - which aims to federally ban in-flight wireless calls – even has a prayer of surviving now. I’m sure the Passenger Communications Coalition is poised to readily make this point to lawmakers.

One thing is certain, this changes everything about the passenger experience providing carriers go with the flow and let it be (and Aircell is ready to keep up with the volume!) 


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