VIDEO: A look back at the future

Connexion future.JPGOnce upon a time, Boeing offered in-flight high-speed Internet on a couple hundred aircraft (including aircraft operated by Lufthansa, Korean, Asiana Airlines, China Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines.)

But Connexion’s existence wasn’t that long ago. While everyone waits with baited breath for carriers to again offer Ku-band satellite-based connectivity on a broad scale (Come on Southwest, Come on Lufthansa), here is a gentle reminder of the way things were (let’s leave the then unsustainable business model out of it!) The video is dated 10 August 2006.

And lookie here, even former Connexion spokesman – and current Boeing environmental spokesman – Terrance Scott makes an appearance to explain the airframer’s prior plan to include mobile connectivity in the Connexion offering.

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  1. keesje July 5, 2010 at 5:23 am #

    I worked for a European long haul airline. A big Boeing Connexion team came by several times around 2000 (with ever changing business cases). We told them passengers research indicated their favourite activities were sleeping, eating, reading, watching a cool movie etc.

    We also told them time zones made live connections less urgent, folks did their e-mails off line, enjoyed the rest of being off line, and were sleeping half the flights. Then passengers also indicated they were not ready to pay the extra $35 a flight when they already paid the expensive ticket.

    The Boeing team quickly determined we didn’t know what we were talking about and tried to bypass us and contact the COO directly (he send them back)..

    It always remained unclear who was going to pay for the non existent expensive broadband connection above the North Pool.

    Later on I heard they took a $ charge & left the business..

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