VIDEO: BA explains how to use your mobile phone in-flight

A lot of misinformation is still floating around out there about in-flight cell phone connectivity. For example, many folks here in the United States aren’t even aware that A) in-flight mobile connectivity is totally safe (with the right pico cell equipment on board the aircraft) and B) in-flight mobile connectivity is being offered on loads of aircraft outside the United States (at present, the United States bans the practice).

A group of tweeps had a rather robust chat about in-flight cell phone usage on Twitter this morning, and it reminded me that I should post the following video. This is what passengers on board British Airways’ all-business Airbus A318 flights from London City airport to New York JFK watch before using their mobiles in-flight.

While BA continues to mull offering in-flight voice, that particular functionality hasn’t been switched on yet. Airbus/SITA joint venture OnAir provides the mobile connectivity solution to BA, and recently worked with the carrier to launch the world’s first in-flight mobile portal, dubbed Club Mobile.

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