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My daughter’s fav show highlights in-flight Wi-Fi

My munchkin was glued to the TV screen when Tori from Victorious tried in-flight Wi-Fi. Munchkin says she found it “very interesting” and “important”. Hey, she’s right! I think we know who to thank for this newfangled in-flight Wi-Fi thingy in the USA – Aircell, which has just completed it’s 1,000th install of Gogo (customer […]

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Lufthansa economy A380.JPG

Lufthansa wants to celebrate German soccer with in-flight live TV

Lufthansa is poised to set some serious standards in the world of in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC). The carrier, which is now taking a serious look at bringing in-flight Internet to its short-haul aircraft (even 30min flights), has also revealed it is eyeing live television (over IP) and offering high definition video. “Connectivity enables programme […]

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Understanding content: My Q&A with Michael Childers

Regular readers of this blog and my Twitter feed know a few things about me. I have an arguably sick fascination with in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC). I enjoy bathroom humor (and taking pictures of myself in aircraft bathrooms. I am a ‘Laviator’ after all…see further evidence above). And I try not to be an […]

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PICTURE: Tetris Hanging Upside-Down Seating

Thromby Air, a faux carrier that charges passengers by the pound (of flesh) has an innovative new idea for high-density seating. Forget about Ryanair’s O’Leary and his stand-up seating proposal. Why not try Tetris instead? Picture pulled directly from Thromby’s web site. The “carrier’s” policy on in-flight drinks is also worth a look. Happy Tuesday.

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Who needs a man? RWG saddles up to UAVs.

The AUVSI unmanned systems show gets underway in Denver this week and as you can see from the photo above the Flightglobal team-members will have virtually no place to stretch their legs in the newsroom. I know we don’t generally discuss UAVs on RWG (okay, we never discuss UAVs on RWG, although, as a single […]

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Keeping Red running and cutting hungry Gogo users

Virgin America recently launched new functionality for its Panasonic/CoKinetic in-flight entertainment (IFE) system Red. IFE engineer “James” explains some of the new features in the video below. He also discusses “significant” improvements to the carrier’s satellite television service and reveals a couple of other interesting things, including the carrier’s practice of cutting Aircell Gogo in-flight […]

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O’Leary serious about stand-up seats for 1hr flights

Ryanair’s O’Leary is serious about stand-up seats for 1hr flights. Apparently… Click directly on pic.

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Will Ka-band in-flight connectivity leapfrog Ku?

While Thales doesn’t come right out and say it, the firm appears to be now hedging its bets that Ka-band satellite-based in-flight connectivity is the wave of the not-too-distant future, and that carriers should think twice before taking the leap to a Ku-band product – such as those on offer from rival Panasonic Avionics and […]

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Tweet evidence that Southwest is offering Wi-Fi for $5 (right now)

I know it might not seem like it, but Southwest Airlines is indeed in the midst of equipping its fleet with Row 44‘s Ku-band satellite-based in-flight connectivity solution. The process is just taking a bit longer than expected, not that Southwest chief Gary Kelly is too terribly worried about the slow pace of the mods. […]

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US Airways and its ‘poor choice’ seats

When you think about a “choice” economy-class seat, what first comes to your mind? An exit row seat? Aisle? Window? The photo above?Not so fast. It seems the definition of “choice” is evolving all the time. Take US Airways, for example. The carrier’s “Choice Seats” programme generally allows customers to pay a little extra for […]

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